Tips and Tactics of Successful Football Betting

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Tips and Tactics of Successful Football Betting

Tips and Tactics of Successful Football Betting

Football is one of the most unpredictable sports betting online in the world making it the best game to bet on. The unpredictability also makes it more tempting to bet on since every punter, be it for fun or for winning money knows he or she has a chance of winning at least something, out of it. Confidence is however the rule of the thumb of each and every gambling game but taking into consideration the following tips and tactics of successful football betting will help you beat the bookie and win big always.

Analyze the home and away records

Research is a key strategy in beating the bookie in football betting. All you need to do is to carefully look at both past and recent performances of the teams you want to place a bet on. The easiest way to do this is by reading and analyzing the match reports of the game before you can decide the kind of bet to wager. Some teams are known to be better at home while others are better both at home and away. Ensure you know the current standings of a team and how they have been performing recently.

Check head to head history of the two teams

In major leagues such as English Premier League, big teams have good head to head history of how they perform against each other. This kind of information will help you big time in ensuring that you get the best out of your bets. The reason to follow that history is because soccer history repeats year after year although with minimal changes here and there.

Form of the team

What is the current form of the team that you want to place your bet on? How are they performing against other bigger teams? Ensure you have all the information of how the team has been performing recently by reading their match reports and analyzing the form of specific important players in the team. This will help you understand the concept of whether a team is likely to win, draw or lose a match.

 Follow the Team news keenly

Most teams especially in Barclays Premier League have weekly team news that help punters to analyze the team’s standings and how well they can perform. Ensure you follow the team news of each and every team that you regularly place a bet on. See the suspensions and any injuries that could have occurred during a previous match on an ongoing training session. If say for example a very important player has been injured or suspended, take a look at the statistics and records of the player deemed to replace him in the upcoming match. This will help you a big deal in ensuring that you do not make silly mistakes when placing your bets.

Check the schedule and fatigue rate

Sometimes the schedule for a certain team might be too tight to handle wins consistently. Ensure you see the level of their fatigue on tight schedules to analyze a possibility of a loss or draw depending on the opponent team. Check how they had played the previous game, the level of importance of current or upcoming game. The number of points they really need to be motivated enough to win should also be considered. May be they might be having an interest of a certain cup and they play with a certain level of motivation to win the game.

Lastly, ensure you keep all the records of your bets for analysis. Practice discipline in case of a loss or win by betting on what you can afford.

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