Facts about American Football

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Facts about American football – A sport that is being played by two teams having eleven member each on a field which is rectangular in shape and have goal post at each end of the field or ground. Yes, this is American football which is also referred just as football both in Canada and United State of America (or USA). The other name for this game is Gridiron. Following are the list of things that you need to know about the American Football.

Facts about American Football

Total time of the game: The total time of the match is 60 minutes having four quarters each of 15 minutes. If the time is up and the score are equal then the match is continued and this that team which score the first wins.

Players and Teams: Both the team have 52 members but at a time only 11 eleven players are allowed on the ground from either of the team. Moreover, there is no limitation for substitution. Players are divided into groups of three.

  1. Offence
  2. Defence
  3. Special team

Offence group is send when they have the possession to the ball. Defence group is send when the opposite team have possession whereas special team remains of the ground so for the kicking purpose.

Things you need to know about American Football

Facts about American Football

Points Scored: It is just like a rugby penalty kick. Usually it happens when a team is close enough in scoring a point or else if there is fourth down

Touchdown: This worth six points. The team that scored is been rewarded with the opportunity to earn two point conversion or an extra point.

Safety: This situation also can be called as two points occurs when the player from the offensive group is undertake within his own ending zone.

Conversion: If a touchdown is scored, teams are allowed to endeavor a kick of goal type in order to gain one point or either attempts to pass the ball towards the end zone to earn two points

Passing the Ball: The ball is passed through rushing or by passing. An interception occurs when the defensive player get hold of the ball instead and his team take the charge of the ball.

When an offensive player lost the possession but recovered by the defensive player then it is known as fumble. Similar to interception, the defence try to score a point or his rest of the team can start from where it is being undertaken.

Downs: If the ball is moved 10 yards, the offensive player have four tackles known as downs. The team can get another Downs if they are successful.

Fourth Down: It’s all about controlling and possessing the field. In this the team try to control the goal so as to score the points, either the player is close or kick the ball to the farthest in the opposite direction so that opponent have longer distance to cover to score. Henceforth, they try to cover the distance in fourth down but in case of failure the ball s then passed to the other team.

Timeouts: Either team can stop the clock by the timeout. Three timeouts in each half are being given to each teams. Clock can also be stopped if a player carrying the ball run off from the field or if there is an incomplete pass.

Challenges by Coach: A coach can challenge a decision made by the official by using a red flag if he thinks the decision is incorrect. A successful challenge can overturned the original ruling and if it’s an unsuccessful challenge then one timeout is lost by the team.

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