Attention-grabbing facts about football

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There are attention-grabbing facts about football about football which are so stimulating and interesting and there are not much people who are very well aware of those facts. To be honest football is game which is full of energy and people truly adore this game. The matches of football may be on a national or international level, people are quite provoked by the idea of those matches and the true football lovers will do almost anything to get the tickets of the match to see it live and they get quite upset if they do not get it.

Attention-grabbing facts about football

The football fans are considered to be very emotional and they get really heart broken when their team loses and when their team wins then they celebrate their victory in every way possible. Some of the facts regarding football which are not much known all around the world are written below.

Attention-grabbing facts about football

Attention-grabbing facts about football

  1. Initially, the concept of football had started in 476 B.C. in China.
  2. The most played as well as the most watched sports in the entire world is football.
  3. The world cup football is watched by more than one billion people from around the world. It is the most popular sport on earth.
  4. In the largest football tournament, more than 35 thousand players had participated and saw about 5,098 teams.
  5. Stephan Stanis, who belonged to France, had scored the highest number of goals in the history of football that was 16 in the year 1942.
  6. Ricardo Oliveira, who was the football player of Uruguay, had scored one of the fastest goals that was in just 2.8 seconds.
  7. Until 1913, the football goalies did not need to wear dissimilar shirts from their team mates.
  8. Football players have to run a lot and according to a research they have to run 9.65 kilometers in a single game.
  9. Soccer ball was used to play the first ever played game of football.
  10. In the year 1857, the very first World’s football club was founded by Major William Priest and Colonel Nathaniel and both of them belonged to British army.
  11. Excluding the finals that had taken place in the years 1930 and 1950, the European teams were successful enough to reach each and every final of World cup.
  12. A team from Madagascar was the one who had scored the highest in a game and they had to score their own goals as that was their protest against the unjustified decision of the empire in a prior match and there score was 149-0.
  13. The very famous football player had achieved recognition all around the world when he had scored 23 goals in a single match.
  14. A Chelsea player named Celestine had got his legs injured when he was celebrating his debut goal and another football player named Luigi Riva had broken the arm of a spectator by his great shot.
  15. The first ever black person to join football was Arthur Wharton and he had joined it in 1800s.
  16. Football is called to be soccer by just the Canadians and Americans. England had come up with this word initially as soccer was the short version of Association football.
  17. In Peru, the call of referee had created an absolute inferno due to which 300 people died. This occurred in the year 1964.
  18. An entire football team was killed due to lightening in the year 1998 and this had occurred during a match in between the villages of Bena Tshadi in Congo.
  19. Pakistan produces more than 80 percent of the footballs used all over the world.

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